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The Enduring Appeal of a Summer Wedding

Blessed with tropical conditions all year round, summertime still holds a special appeal for weddings and a host of outdoor celebrations around the Caribbean. Maybe it’s in the cloudless blue sky, the turquoise waters that beckon, the gentle breezes or the sense of relaxation that come this time of the year. Whatever it is, the scene is set for a summer wedding. Despite the advantages, there are likely to be a few drawbacks to planning a wedding day at the height of the summer, not least of which is the hurricane season.

So special planning and preparation are required to ensure that a summer wedding has the best possible chances of being the memorable occasion it should be. Have a weather-proof plan Afternoon showers are not uncommon during the summer, so it makes sense to plan with this in mind. An outdoor summer wedding needs a back-up plan. This could include tents, in case it rains, or the option to move inside to a covered area. It also helps to consider cooling options, in case it becomes unbearably hot for the duration of the wedding. Have water on hand

On a summer wedding day, water can be a foe if it falls from the sky, but a welcome friend when it hits your lips. Keep plenty of water on hand at your outdoor event, so that guests, caterers, DJs and photographers are hydrated throughout the event. It’s a small point that could be overlooked, but it makes a big difference to the overall comfort of your guests. After all, making sure that a cooler full of bottled water is nearby often tends to be low on the priority chain when such big-ticket items such as caterers, dresses and rings have been pored over endlessly. Take cover, if necessary Besides the heat, the light of the sun beating down can also wreak some havoc at a wedding if you are not prepared with providing shady areas for guests to cool down. Often, it’s in the form of a tent. The right Umbrellas can do the trick, as they help to ensure that guests aren’t holding their hands or programmes over their eyes during the ceremony.

Pick the right spot If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in a shade-less spot, such as a beach, consult with your wedding photographer beforehand to ensure you’ve picked the best spots for the most memorable photos. The idea here is not to be affected by factors such as the angle and glare of the sun, or hidden away by too much foliage. A sunset wedding may be a dream and may provide beautiful wedding photos, but planners should be mindful that there is a specific time window that, if missed, can mean a night-time wedding, shot under harsh lights. So either be extremely punctual, or start early before the sunset, since so many variables exist throughout the day that can cause you to be even a half hour late. Even that relatively modest delay could mean a difference between a gorgeous sunset and no light. Stay positive Many couples pick summer for their weddings for a reason. For the most part, there will be beautiful, warm weather that makes it conducive to slip outdoors for the reception, ceremony or somewhere in between. But obviously, not always. So plan for the eventualities as best as possible.

When all of that is done, it only remains to keep a good attitude during the day and cheerfully be prepared for some unanticipated surprises. Something wonderful is likely to happen.


Getting Married in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a great choice for a Destination Wedding. First of all, it is very easy and you can get your "full marriage certificate" from the Cayman Islands Registrar of Marriages within 48 hours of the wedding being performed. This is important for those couples who are concerned about whether their marriage will be legal back home.

Couples from most places in Europe, except the UK, need to get an Apostille. Your Marriage Officer can take care of this for you. Couples from the USA and Canada don't need an Apostille. Cayman Islands wedding officiants perform more than 800 Destination Weddings per year, and weddings are actively supported by the Department of Tourism.

Cayman is one of the few places in the Caribbean which cater for same-day marriages, which means there is virtually no waiting period, and you can get married while your cruise ship is in port, as long as you have the necessary documentation. All visitors wishing to be married must have their passports, immigration card or ship's boarding card, and if they have been married before, their original divorce decree or spouse's death certificate. You will have to get a "Special Marriage License" from the Governor's Office. While you can get this yourself, there is no real savings and it is much easier to have your wedding officiant get it for you, because you must have a wedding officiant before you fill out the application for the Special License anyway. Wedding officiants in Cayman are licensed by the government. They are also called Marriage Officers, Wedding Celebrants, or Civil Registrars of Marriage. Most Marriage Officers are pastors or priests, and they will perform the standard religious ceremony. Wedding Celebrants and Civil Registrars normally do a non-denominational but spiritual service. Most will customise your ceremony for you and give you a copy of your vows. Any wedding ceremony in the Cayman Islands will have two parts required by law. You will be asked whether there is any reason why you may not be married, and you will be pronounced husband and wife. Marriages between two women or two men are not legal in the Cayman Islands.

The most popular choice for weddings in the Cayman Islands is the beach. Although there are few private beaches, your wedding celebrant will know which beaches are most crowded, and avoid them.  No wedding in the Cayman Islands can be performed behind locked doors, and you will also need two witnesses over 18 years of age. Your Wedding Celebrant can provide witnesses if there are just the two of you. Many people choose to have a very simple wedding on the beach. The simplist wedding will include the Special Marriage License, the Wedding Ceremony, the Wedding Celebrant, and you will get a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate to take away with you. You can also choose to have flowers, wedding cake, champagne, photography etc. all arranged by your wedding planner.

Contact for more information. Many people say they want to plan their own wedding, and a wedding planner is not essential. Many couples who have had a Destination Wedding will say that a wedding planner for a Destination Wedding is money well spent, and need not be expensive. Remember this is your wedding planner's home, and he or she will know where to get the best deals, and how to make sure your special day goes smoothly. If for example, there is a hiccup, like someone forgot their divorce decree at home, your wedding planner will know what to do. Besides, the whole point of a Destination wedding is for you to relax, and let someone else handle the details.

For those of you wanting a Wedding Renewal, these ceremonies are becoming more popular.  Quite a number of people who have had a civil wedding ceremony performed at home like the idea of a Renewal Ceremony performed at sunset on the beach. There are no government requirements for a renewal ceremony.

Your Wedding Celebrant will tailor your renewal vows to suit you, include children if you wish, and give you a Renewal Certificate which will be a record of your ceremony. Some companies will also do Commitment ceremonies, or bethrothal ceremonies for those couples who for one reason or another might not be ready to get married yet. These are much like Renewal ceremonies, in that there are no legal requirements, but there are "promises" etc. and you will get a Certificate which records the event.

Couples, including those arriving by cruise ship, can marry the same day they arrive in the Cayman Islands. Just be sure to have the following: 1. a non-residents marriage license, and... 2. a letter from the authorized Marriage Officer who is to officiate.

Applications for non-resident marriage licenses ($250 U.S.) and a list of licensed Marriage Officers can be obtained from the Passport and Corporate Services Office.

On Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, this is provided by the District Commissioner's Office.

Passport and Corporate Services Office Sussex House,

128 Elgin Avenue George Town,

Grand Cayman, KY1-9000

Phone: 345-943-7678

Fax: 345-945-4355 Email:

passport& (Cayman Brac and Little Cayman)

District Commissioner's Office District Administration Building

PO Box 240

Cayman Brac


Phone: 345-948-2506


You will also need to provide: Proof of citizenship and age - Passport or an original/certified copy of birth certificate with photo identification (18 is the minimum legal age without parental consent) Proof of marital status (legal divorce decree or death certificate, if applicable) Cayman Islands Immigration Department card, or Cayman Islands international embarkation/disembarkation card for cruise ship passengers. Two witnesses at the ceremony

Wedding Packages

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

Spend your day creating memories and leave all the details to us. While each wedding is wonderfully unique, Wedding Planners have designed packages to simplify your planning process. Each includes the wedding venue, arrangements for the marriage license, an officiant to perform the ceremony and the professional services of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Wedding Planner as well as a Wedding Concierge to look after every tiny detail on your wedding day. Best Places to Get Married in Grand Cayman The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Recently opened in December 2005, the Ritz has brought five-star luxury to the Cayman Islands. Poised on the famous Seven Mile Beach, ceremonies and receptions can be set up on the Great Lawn, by the sea on the hotel's private beach, or in a the 9,000-square-foot Cayman Islands Royal Ballroom. The Ritz is staffed with an in-house team of four floral designers, as well as a pastry chef to create your wedding's requisite bouquets and confections. What's more, Silver Rain, a La Prairie Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, has a menu of indulgent spa treatments that not only celebrate the energies of water, but are guaranteed to wash away any last traces of prewedding stress or jitters.

Wedding Packages: $3,400-$20,000

For more info:

Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman

Also on Seven Mile Beach, the Hyatt Regency is ready to host your wedding on its rooftop sun terrace, boasting panoramic views of the island. You can also marry here toes-in-the-sand or on the Turtle Pool Deck, which is perfect for smaller groups. Both the terrace and pool deck are lined with whitewashed British Colonial columns, providing a gorgeous contrasting backdrop against the clear blue sea. From a tropical buffet to a four-course, sit-down dinner, the catering staff can accommodate up to 200 of your closest friends and family.

Wedding Packages: $1,350 - $2,700

For more info:

Grand Old House

If you love the beach, but also want a little formality infused into your day, this plantation-style site will do the trick. Perfect for indoor or outdoor weddings, the Grand Old House features a seaside gazebo (perfect for oceanfront vows or your own private sweetheart table), plus enough space to seat 150 in its air-conditioned, elegant dining rooms and on its quaint screened porch; or 130 on the site's Water's Edge patio. For rehearsal dinners, the Wine Room comfortably seats a party of 10 against a backdrop of wall-to-wall wooden wine cellar racks

Wedding Packages: $590-$2,500

For more info:

The Great House at Pedro St. James

The Grand Cayman's national historic site is also a gorgeous place to wed. Situated on seven landscaped acres on the water, the Great House is a restored three-story eighteenth-century house with stunning mahogany verandas that your guests can stroll through as your tented reception takes place below. This picture-perfect setting can accommodate up to 800 for an over-the-top affair complete with a fireworks finale.

Wedding Packages: upon request

For more info:

Rum Point

Home to the best mudslides on the island (think signature drink), Rum Point is situated on the opposite side of the island's Seven Mile Beach. This spot has a casual beachside bar and grill (great for a laid-back rehearsal lunch or reception), an adjacent resort to accommodate your guests, and a convenient whitewashed pier that juts out into the crystal-blue sea for a vow exchange directly over the water.

Wedding Packages: upon request

For more info:

The Reef Resort

Whether you want to sneak away a deux for the most private of nuptials, or arrive with your entire family in tow, The Reef can accommodate up to 120 people. This all-beachfront-suit property is a stress-free destination courtesy of in-room whirlpool tubs, four-post king-size beds, private balconies, and its own beach bar. Ceremonies can take place on the dock, while the party begins on the beach or in the resort's air-conditioned restaurant overlooking the sea. Bonus: This site only hosts one wedding per day, so you are guaranteed the staff's undivided attention.

Wedding Packages: $1,995-$5,095

For more info:

The Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa

For luxurious amenities combined with a laid-back vibe, look no further than the Westin. This four-star hotel has everything you need to put together a formal wedding (the beachfront Governor's Ballroom, a preferred vendors list, and a deluxe banquet menu and wine list), plus the means to make you -- and your guests -- feel like you are truly on a tropical island (think swim-up pool bar, full-service spa, and oceanfront dining options specializing in lip-smacking Caribbean fare).

Wedding Packages: upon request

For more info:

Sightseeing Tours in The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer a dazzling array of sightseeing tours and, attractions rich in natural beauty; all among an unsurpassed cultural of warm caring people. Cayman sightseeing tours can be purchased through third parties or you can conduct your own Cayman Islands sightseeing tours absolutely free just by taking advantage of our many Cayman site seeing tips, instructions, and maps. Select your favorite Cayman sites and strike out on your own along the Cayman Islands safe and easy landscape. Start with our Beach or Land tour and custom design your own personal Cayman Islands sightseeing trips, while saving money, avoiding the crowds and touring the Cayman Islands best sites at your own leisurely pace.