Blended Weddings / Merging beautiful cultures.

As a Wedding Planner which Caribbean heritage I  have the great pleasure of coordinating weddings from different cultures.  The Wedding Industry caters for couples from all over the world, which is a joy in itself.  Apart from couples dreaming of experiencing their special day home and abroad to exchange vows, they also want to merge their cultures, either in the UK or travelling overseas for a Destination Wedding.

Knowing the traditions of the bride and groom  is just as important as being able to fulfil their creative dreams.

When we as planners ask couples for the design, theme or even feel of their wedding it just doesn't involve the colours, design and concept of their wedding planning experience, it  involves all aspects of both the couple's historical cultures that they want to incorporate into their special day.

What elements of your wedding that you can incorporate into your Wedding with a traditional theme/flavour?

In my experience of working with couples from blended cultural families I have found that the following are areas where they can add a touch of their traditional ideas into their day.

The Ceremony

The couples can write their own vows or ask their Wedding Officiant to read special words that come from their religious backgrounds or family traditions.


Music can play a large part in their special day. Starting from the Ceremony where couples can choose, traditional hymns, worship songs, modern wedding ceremony songs or have musical artists, singers or performers producing music to their specific tastes. e.g. Traditional organist Gospel Choir and musicians.

Wedding DJ's are usually given a playlist from which to entertain the Bridal Party and their guests throughout the evening.  Most couples will have specific types of music they would like to be played to incorporate their family in traditional / modern dances to showcase their cultural background. This makes the Wedding entertaining in itself without the extra need for Musicians, Singers, Performers etc.

Wedding Dress / Grooms Wear & The Bridal Party Outfits

With so many wedding dress designs, colours and styles to choose from it can be an exciting time for the modern bride to choose her traditional white / off white / pastel coloured wedding dress.  Imagine the excitement of being able to wear more than one wedding dress to your Reception Party incorporating your Bride / Groom's cultural heritage or tradition.  These can incorporated in the following ways:-

Traditional Wear / Colours / Prints / Designs

Traditional Wedding Dress

The Modern Wedding Dress

Wedding Suppliers


There are so many countries in the world with different traditional dishes, you could take your guests on their own cultural experience incorporating, starters, main meals and exciting desserts to your "Wedding Breakfast". Because the possibilities are endless when it comes to food, I have even known Caribbean Brides to opt for a completely British menu to let their guests experience a completely different menu from the traditional caribbean / african menu they may have been expecting. It's all a matter of preference and incorporating your favourite types of food into your Special Wedding Breakfast for your guests to enjoy.

Music DJ Playing requested songs from your cultural background, heritage. Live Bands, Singers, Performers, musicians playing particulate instruments from your families homeland. The possibilities are endless.

Both parties want to feel like their family traditions and heritage are displayed and cherished in parts of there wedding ceremony and reception.

There are many ways a couple can incorporate their ideas for the guests to enjoy. 

Look out for further updates on other traditional elements that can be incorporated to ensure your guests have the best experience possible throughout your blended /cultural wedding.

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