The Enduring Appeal of a Summer Wedding

Blessed with tropical conditions all year round, summertime still holds a special appeal for weddings and a host of outdoor celebrations around the Caribbean. Maybe it’s in the cloudless blue sky, the turquoise waters that beckon, the gentle breezes or the sense of relaxation that come this time of the year. Whatever it is, the scene is set for a summer wedding. Despite the advantages, there are likely to be a few drawbacks to planning a wedding day at the height of the summer, not least of which is the hurricane season.

So special planning and preparation are required to ensure that a summer wedding has the best possible chances of being the memorable occasion it should be. Have a weather-proof plan Afternoon showers are not uncommon during the summer, so it makes sense to plan with this in mind. An outdoor summer wedding needs a back-up plan. This could include tents, in case it rains, or the option to move inside to a covered area. It also helps to consider cooling options, in case it becomes unbearably hot for the duration of the wedding. Have water on hand

On a summer wedding day, water can be a foe if it falls from the sky, but a welcome friend when it hits your lips. Keep plenty of water on hand at your outdoor event, so that guests, caterers, DJs and photographers are hydrated throughout the event. It’s a small point that could be overlooked, but it makes a big difference to the overall comfort of your guests. After all, making sure that a cooler full of bottled water is nearby often tends to be low on the priority chain when such big-ticket items such as caterers, dresses and rings have been pored over endlessly. Take cover, if necessary Besides the heat, the light of the sun beating down can also wreak some havoc at a wedding if you are not prepared with providing shady areas for guests to cool down. Often, it’s in the form of a tent. The right Umbrellas can do the trick, as they help to ensure that guests aren’t holding their hands or programmes over their eyes during the ceremony.

Pick the right spot If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in a shade-less spot, such as a beach, consult with your wedding photographer beforehand to ensure you’ve picked the best spots for the most memorable photos. The idea here is not to be affected by factors such as the angle and glare of the sun, or hidden away by too much foliage. A sunset wedding may be a dream and may provide beautiful wedding photos, but planners should be mindful that there is a specific time window that, if missed, can mean a night-time wedding, shot under harsh lights. So either be extremely punctual, or start early before the sunset, since so many variables exist throughout the day that can cause you to be even a half hour late. Even that relatively modest delay could mean a difference between a gorgeous sunset and no light. Stay positive Many couples pick summer for their weddings for a reason. For the most part, there will be beautiful, warm weather that makes it conducive to slip outdoors for the reception, ceremony or somewhere in between. But obviously, not always. So plan for the eventualities as best as possible.

When all of that is done, it only remains to keep a good attitude during the day and cheerfully be prepared for some unanticipated surprises. Something wonderful is likely to happen.

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